New programme "Well-Being and Health Behaviour"

The first English-language Master's degree programme of the School of Natural Sciences and Health (SNSH) "Well-Being and Health Behaviour", was approved by the Ministry of Education in June and is now registered in the Estonian Education Information System (curriculum code 208658).

Well-being and health behaviour

Welbeing and health behavior is part of the social services curriculum group, the wellbeing group. Aleksander Pulver, Head of the Academic Direction of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences, has been the leader and pioneer of the programme.

Prosperity and its management is a growing industry based on evidence-based theories of healthy living and disease prevention. Estonia's activities in promoting health to population, health research and health services, and community-based health promotion, as well as the widespread use of e-services, allow us to share our experiences with citisens of other countries.

Knowledge of the regularities of people's well-being and formation is an important area of ​​work that contributes to the functioning of a society that supports human development and well-being. Among other things, welfare is seen as the key, solving many social problems now and in the future.

Future graduates of "Well-Being and Health Behaviour" find employment in a variety of fields, such as education, health care, healthcare organisations.

Learn more about "Well-Being and Health Behaviour" programme HERE.