What is a mailing list?

A mailing list is a set of e-mail addresses, through which people with similar interests can communicate via e-mail. When a mailing list is created, a list is made of the members who wish to chat, and that list is given its own e-mail address. If any one of the members sends an e-mail using the list’s address, then it will be sent on to every member on the list. If someone wishes to say something about the sent e-mail, the answer sent to the list’s e-mail address will automatically be sent to all the members of the list.

How to create a new list?

First, the list’s primary purpose and the people who are going to use it should be determined.

Then it would be sensible to check if such a list already exists. To do that, an untitled e-mail should be sent to the address majordomo@lists.tlu.ee and the contents of the mail must contain only the word lists.
The answer will show a catalogue of the lists with their brief descriptions on the server. If there are no similar lists in the catalogue, then the next move is to figure out the name of the new list, following the rules of the recommended formats.
In the case of organisations, the name should reflect the activities of the members on the list – for example, the name of the University’s male choir list is male choir. In the case of study groups, the name should be the group’s name and the year of commencement – for example, the list name of computer scientists who started in 2001 is cs01. In general, keep in mind that only lowercase letters in the Latin alphabet, numbers and the minus sign are allowed. For instance, you cannot use punctuation, uppercase or spaces.

To create a list, the Tallinn University mailing list application form must be completed and presented to the University’s user administrator Henni-Maria Johanson, henni-maria.johanson@tlu.ee (Silva House 2nd floor, room S-203. Mon–Fri 10:00–12:00 and 13:00–16:00).

  • application form for creating a mailing list on to the Tallinn University mailing list server: pdfdocx
  • application form for changing the mailing list’s administrator and configuration on the Tallinn University mailing list server: pdfdocx