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Best sights to see in Estonia

Estonia is a dreamland for every nature lover. Estonian nature is really diverse, fascinating and inspiring.



51% of the country's territory are forests and what is unusual that 60% of those forests are preserved: national parks, trails, conservation areas, wildlife sanctuaries, bog trails, swamps, etc. What you see and feel is that Estonians truly love nature. Estonia combines wild nature and modernity, untouchable forests and advanced technologies, being an e-country and a top place for start-ups. 

It's known, that spending time in nature helps to overcome stress, develops emotional intelligence and enhances creativity. Maybe, it is one the keys to success of Estonia? Personally, I love being in nature and always do my best to learn new places. Fortunately, Estonia is the best place for this type of tourism. During my first two months, I managed to visit several famous places. I recommend to investigate the nature here and my "to see list" for everyone includes Viru bog, Aegviidu hiking trail, Estonian Open Air Museum and Keila

Let's take a closer look and see what is special about them.

Viru Bog study trail is 1 km off the Tallinn-Narva highway (E20) on the road leading to Loksa. There is a boardwalk with an observation tower in the middle of it. The boardwalk leading to the observation tower (1,400 meters) is accessible to wheelchair users and families with strollers. It’s convenient to get to the place and walk there as the trail is marked and there are many signposts. You can enjoy awesome views of a forest and bogs.

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Aegviidu hiking trail is one of the famous trails and Aegviidu is named a hiking capital. You can easily go by train to Aegviidu railway station and return from several other train stations which are along the hiking trail. You can take amazing photos, pick berries and mushrooms, swim in lakes, visit a sauna or spend a nice time with a cup of coffee or chocolate in a cozy café. Besides, there is an adventure park- not that large, but for free.

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Estonian Open Air Museum is a fantastic place, showcasing the country's rural architecture and way of life and it is only 15 min drive from Tallinn! The museum is open year-round, offering entertainment, lovely workshops and events, and something you, regardless of your age, might not have known before. The 14 farms in the museum provide an overview of how families from different strata of society lived in the 18–20th centuries. It is definitely worth visiting: to feel the history and culture of Estonia, understand the mentality better and compare with your own cultural background.

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Keila waterfall is a part of the 3 km long round nature trail in Keila-Joa park that runs along the banks of the river Keila. There are lots of suspension bridges, a castle, a great forest and a waterfall. Here you can choose a beautiful place in any part of the park and enjoy picturesque views.

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You see, there are definitely lots of places to visits and all they are really awesome and have something special and magnetic. Remember that nature has a positive impact on your physical and mental health and Estonia is a perfect country to make the most of it.

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