Tallinn University

I'm immensely pleased that I came to study at Tallinn University!

Greeting from Head of the Student Union Johanna Viigi for the 15th birthday of the university.



ear students! Let us imagine we are 15 years old. Quite the teenage time, right?
If I think back on that time myself, quite a few emotions overcome me. Laughter, embarrassment, happiness, tears, the first heartbreak, a feeling of achievement. I believe that something similar could be seen when looking back at university in ten years' time. With the exception of one thing, of course – the feeling of embarrassment.

I'm immensely happy that I came to study at Tallinn University. In my opinion TU is one of the coolest universities in the world, certainly in Estonia. I really enjoy seeing how development takes place in a positive direction every day. Feedback is valued, everything that can possibly be done with available resources is done.

I find something good and cheerful every day at university. I feel that I'm surrounded by people with a similar attitude. What I'm especially happy about right now and in the current situation is that people are truly supporting one another and as much information as possible is being given out as quickly as possible. It is, after all, extraordinarily important to share problems as well as good practices with one another.

This is probably the first real crisis for me and many other students. There are many questions: what now, how to manage, how should I act, how can I be supportive to those around me? So far the university has been pretty supportive of me – shared knowledge related to studying, directed me to the right people with all of my questions, notified me of changes as quickly and effectively as possible. When communicating with students of different institutes and academic years, this experience seems to be similarly overwhelming for the majority.

I wish the same spirit for the next 15 years at the university and beyond. Seeing the constant desire to improve, think outside the box and offer good education, I sincerely wish this way of thinking only continues to grow. It's natural for a young person to make mistakes, let themselves be influenced by their environment, sometimes take a small step in the wrong direction but then learn from this and continue to walk forwards with their head held high. It makes perfect sense for the university to do the same.
P.S. All of this was said without mentioning the word "corona" once.