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New Life and New Problems

Being international student is not easy. Of course, there is lot of advantages but you have to be ready that there will be some difficulties as well. In this blog, I will try to talk about three main problems, which I faced as a student at Tallinn University.




First and most important is a flat. When I came here, I was living in hostel, which I booked for one week. I thought that finding a flat would be easy as there are a lot of websites where you can find one, but nope. Some flats were expensive, or owners did not like foreigners and so on. So if you want to rent flat, start minimum one month before. Currently, I am living with my flat mate who is my group mate as well, so for me it is more convenient as we help each other when we have some difficulties. While you search for the flat, pay attention to utilities as well. For instance, we have full-equipped house but in January, we have to pay approximately 200 euro for internet, electricity etc additionally. Price is changing according to seasons. Also, try to find flats without agent, otherwise you have to pay them same amount of the money as the monthly rent of your new home.

Here are some Facebook groups which makes you search process easier:

  • Expats in Tallinn/Estonia

  • Сдам/продам/куплю квартиру без маклера в Эстонии г. Таллинн

  • Tallinn Renting Flat & Accommodation



After 2003, transport is free for a citizen of Estonia and for those who has temporary residence permit (TRP), but before you get your residence permit you have to use a smartcard. You can buy the smartcard from a kiosk for 2 euros and charge it.

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If you forgot your card, you can buy it from a driver for 2 euros or for 1 euro if you have document which proves that you are student (for instance an ISIC card).

Be aware that sometimes Google map does not show correct time so it is better to check the bus timetable. I just took pictures of the timetables, which I use the most.

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Collecting documents is the worst thing. Be sure that every document is with you when you come here. Especially if you are married and you want to live with your spouse- in that case you need to have a marriage certificate with you and do not forget to translate it and approve with apostille in your country.

For the temporary residence permit you need to have insurance. In my case I made travel insurance for one year in my country, which was quite cheap (100 euros) but you can do your insurance here as well. For submitting the documentation, you need to book your visit in the police office, try to do it as soon as possible.

You can check possible dates here


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