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Ukrainian student of TLU: We've come out as winners before and we shall do so again

Our Ukrainian student Anna Miller shares her thoughts on studies at Tallinn University and helping Ukrainians during this awful war.

Anna Miller

What do you study at Tallinn University?

I study in a Bachelor’s programme called Audiovisual Media in the creative module, majoring in film directing, scriptwriting and producing. 

I'm really glad to have been here during this time because it truly does feel like everyone is our ally.

How has your study experience been thus far?

I'm in my 3rd (graduate) year and have done my entire studies during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, it's been quite a rocky experience. And now I also have to graduate with the war happening in my homeland, Ukraine. Let's just say it's not the dream university experience I was looking forward to. 

There have been moments when I was unhappy with our administration, some miscommunications that remained unresolved. But given the circumstances, I think I've had an alright experience. 

Our university has shown great support and sportsmanship for Ukrainian students, which I appreciate dearly.

How do you think Estonians have reacted to the war in Ukraine?

From what I know, Estonia is providing great support to Ukraine. I'm really glad to have been here during this time because it truly does feel like everyone is our ally.

If you could share a message with all the Estonians, what would you say?

I think Ukrainians and Estonians come from a very similar background. We both share our own unique sense of identity that was repeatedly taken away from us. It's heartbreaking and tiring, but we've come out as winners before and we shall do so again. For every Estonian supporting Ukrainians in need – I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart. 

For people who wish to help Ukrainians during that horrible war – what would you suggest they can do?

Look closely at what you have and see what you can do with it. Everything you have can be a source of support. For example, if you have old winter clothing, donate them to the people who have relocated. You speak a language? Then you can help someone learn it. You have some money to spare? You can donate it to the army, animal rescues, food banks, etc. 

There are volunteering opportunities now in every country, in almost any city, small or large. If you really want you can definitely find how to help!

The students of Tallinn University opened a charity fund to support TLU’s Ukrainian students. The purpose of the fund is to provide support to Ukrainian students to cover living expenses, and all of our Ukrainian students can apply to receive funding via contacting

To support Ukrainian students, TLU students collect donations to the following account numbers:

SEB, Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilaskond, EE431010011911416225;
Swedbank, Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilaskond, EE282200221026097397.

When donating, please include in the explanation "donation in support of Ukraine (your name)".

Read more about the support fund