Farmer of the Year is Our Alumna

This year, the Farmer of the Year is a dairy farmer and farmers trainer Kaja Piirfeldt.

Kaja Piirfeldt

The Farmer of the Year, Kaja Piirfeldt, graduated from Tallinn University's Vocational Pedagogy programme. Before that, Piirfeldt has studied Agricultural Production and Entrepreneurship at Järvamaa Vocational School and Accounting and Document Management at Olustvere School of Service and Rural Economics

"What you sow, you reap," confirms Farmer of the Year 2020, who has achieved both, as an entrepreneur and as a teacher. "I also recommend my students to always first understand their goal and then work for it. In this case, the results will not be missed."

Studies at Tallinn University gave Kaja Piirfeldt skills to work in a team and helped to value communication between people. According to her, TLU also teaches the importance of lifelong learning and to always find possibilities to systematically develop oneself.