Tallinn University celebrates Music Day on 1 October

This Friday is International Music Day and on this occasion, Tallinn University will not remain silent either.

Music Day at Tallinn University

Johanna Randmann, a young talented musician who is currently studying IKUMUMU at BFM, will perform at the Terra House Café Oaas from 11.45 to 12.15. Johanna is a singer and songwriter. By the way, at the premiere of Johanna's pop music project "Goddess", she reached the semifinals at the prestigious International Songwriting Contest.

An unprecedented music project will be born at the Astra Researchers' Forum from 11.45 to 12.25, as our lecturers DJ Dave Storm and Hain Hõlpus will perform together. Dave Storm spins the records and alongside, Hain Hõlpus plays the piano. How does it all sound together? You have to come listen to it yourself.

The programme of the Music Day will continue at the Researchers' Forum at 13.45, when DJ Roland Teeäär will mix music with high vibrations, which will ensure a good mood for the last workday of the week.

As it used to be said in a TopShop ad, "That's not all!". We have other musical surprises for the university family. Be attentive and you will definitely find moments to enjoy some music. See you at Music Day at Tallinn University!