Tallinn University extends the application period for Ukrainians

Tallinn University decided that all Ukrainian citizens can submit their applications to start studying at Tallinn University until 1 June, 2022.

Students of Tallinn University

Ukrainians are provided with tuition-free study places at Tallinn University. The tuition-free study places are, however, limited.

The Vice-Rector for Development, Katrin Saks said that the strength of the university is to provide quality higher education, and that is what the university can offer in support for Ukrainians.

The strength of the research undertaken at Tallinn University derives from interdisciplinary focus, creativity, and a strong local and international dimension.

Interdisciplinary research across structural boundaries gives the university a chance to offer some of the most unique and innovative English-based degree programmes in Estonia and Europe.

“We welcome students who wish to start their studies at the university, but also students whose studies have been interrupted due to the war, to continue them here, at Tallinn University,” said Katrin Saks.

The university welcomes students on both, Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. More about the programmes and additional information on admission, support and accommodation can be found from Tallinn University’s homepage.

“Like other Estonian universities, we at Tallinn University support our Ukrainian students through our own initiative. In order to ensure sufficient and quality support to our Ukrainian students, state support is also needed. We are glad that the state is planning this now,” said Katrin Saks, Vice-Rector for Development. 

Ukrainians who are going to study at the university are recommended to also apply for war refugee status, which allows them to apply and receive a subsistence allowance that helps cover living expenses.

Tallinn University also offers accommodation for Ukrainian war refugees at the university’s dormitories, the cost of which can be covered by the subsistence allowance.

Students whose documents have not been preserved or are incomplete will be referred to the Estonian ENIC / NARIC Centre for recognition. You can read more about recognition from the Education and Youth Board's homepage.