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Tallinn University fully condemns the attack on the independent state of Ukraine. The university wants to provide support and assistance to people suffering from the war in Ukraine - on this page you will find more information about it.

Талліннський Університет засуджує напад на Україну. Університет надає підтримку та допомогу людям, які постраждали від війни в Україні. Більше інформації про підтримку на цій сторінці.

Support fund for Ukrainian students

The university student body has opened a support fund for charity to support the living expenses of Tallinn University Ukrainian students in Estonia. To support Ukrainian students, students collect donations to following accounts:

  • SEB, Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilaskond, EE431010011911416225;
  • Swedbank, Tallinna Ülikooli Üliõpilaskond, EE282200221026097397.

When donating, students ask to add to the explanation "donation in support of Ukraine (your name, if desired)".


Admission for Ukrainian citizens

Tallinn University provides tuition free studies for the next academic year for all Ukrainian students, who start their studies at Tallinn University from September 2022.

In addition to students starting their studies, the university also accepts students whose education has been interrupted due to the war. Both - students who want to start their degree studies, and students who wish to continue their studies as exchange students, are provided with tuition free study places. However, the number of tuition free study places is limited. Please note that at least a B2 level of English language proficiency is required to study in Tallinn University.

Students, who want to start their degree studies at Tallinn University

Ukrainian applicants can submit applications to start their studies at Tallinn University until the 1st of June via the DreamApply platform.

Bachelor's degree programmes:

Master’s degree programmes:

Apply here

Students whose documents have not been preserved or are incomplete will be referred to the Estonian ENIC / NARIC Center for academic recognition. Read more about it.

Students, whose studies in Ukraine were disrupted and want to continue as exchange students at Tallinn University

For war refugees with Ukrainian citizenship who wish to continue as exchange students at Tallinn University, please write to Please include the following information:

  • Your name;
  • Current educational institution;
  • Level and field of studies;
  • The title of the programme/list of courses you are interested in, offered at TLU.

  Applications are accepted until the 1st of June.

Courses are available from the following Bachelor's degree programmes:

  • Audiovisual media
  • Crossmedia
  • Contemporary European Languages ​​and Cultures:
    - Italian Language and Culture*
    - French Language and Culture*
    - Spanish Language and Culture*
    - English Language and Culture*
    - German Language and Culture*
  • Liberal Arts in Humanities
  • Russian Philology*

Courses are available from the following Master’s degree programmes:

In addition, you can have a look at our list of courses offered to exchange students.

*Some curricula do not have an English web page, which is why they don't have a hyperlink. If you are interested in them, please contact for more information.

Support measures for students with Ukrainian citizenship

The tuition fee is waived for all Ukrainian students for the 2022/23 academic year.

Students from Ukraine can apply for a special needs-based grant based on temporary protection.

The Student Support Centre offers students support in finding a job. Job offers can also be found on the Work in Estonia page and direct offers on arrivals from Ukraine on the Unemployment Insurance Fund homepage.

War refugees can apply for temporary protection in Estonia which includes the right to apply for subsistence and other financial benefits.


Accommodation seeker

For war refugees who have submitted an application to Tallinn University, the university offers, according to their own capabilities, accommodation in the dormitory.

We ask Ukrainian students who start their studies at the university and who are looking for a place to live to write to

Voluntary provision of accommodation

Volunteers who have the opportunity to provide accommodation for war refugees are asked to write to

Please add to the letter the following:

  • location of residence;
  • type of residence (apartment, shared apartment, house, etc.);
  • how many people / families can accommodate;
  • how long you are ready to offer accommodation;
  • the conditions under which you offer accommodation (either free of charge for a certain period or waiting for compensation immediately);
  • whether the residence is suitable for moving in right away or something is missing. In the latter case, indicate what is required.

Psychological support

Students who have any questions or concerns about their study activities are supported by our study counsellors and curriculum curators.

The Student Support Centre stays in touch with students on a regular basis and arranges support seminars. The first meeting took place on 2 March, the next takes place on 14 March.

It is also possible to turn to university’s psychologists for psychological support.

The staff are supported by their supervisors and the Personnel Office’s Counsellor.

Student organisation "Students With Ukraine"

Volunteers from the Tallinn University student organisation “Students with Ukraine” invite local companies to offer food and basic necessities to Ukrainian war refugees. To take part in the donation, write to or call +372 56764122.

Volunteers from the university and outside the university are welcome to join the organisation. To do this, students ask to register on the registration form.

Students With Ukraine Facebook page

More information:
Kristen Aigro
The Chairperson of the Student Body