Marika Mägi is senior research fellow in the Centre for History, Archaeology and Art History. She is archaeologist and historian. Her main subjects are social archaeology and late prehistoric/early medieval communication in Northern Europe. Marika Mägi has worked in international research projects in Sweden, lived years in Sweden and in Denmark. She has a good overview of archaeology in the Northern and Baltic countries, as well as in Finland. Her research embraces communication routes, maritime cultural landscapes, central places, burials, rituals and cult places, social and gender-specific relations in early societies. Most of her study concentrates on the period from the 7th to the 14th century, but some of her excavations have inspired her to deal with the earlier periods as well.
Marika Mägi is leader of SA Osiliana that cooperates with Tallinn University for studying archeology and early written history of Estonian islands, especially Saaremaa.

Areas of research


medieval history