Ene Alas has been working at Tallinn University since 1984. She holds an MA (University of Reading, UK, 1994) in TEFL and a doctoral degree (Tallinn University, 2010) in applied linguistics. She has been teaching English and subjects related to its acquisition and teaching and is an internationally accredited IELTS and CA tester. Her research focuses on developing and evaluating the quality of instruments of foreign language ability (including proficiency exams), training of interviewers and assessors, promoting assessment literacy; also studying the process and assessment of academic writing; the process of student supervision and the factors affecting its success. These topics have been the subject of her research articles and numerous presentations at international language assessment and applied linguistics conferences (EALTA; AILA; ALTE). She is a consultant for the national examinations in the English language in Estonia and is a member of the e-examination development team.

Main tasks

Teaching English and subjects related to its acquisition, supervising Bachelor' s and Master's theses, writing research articles, work on committees.

Supervising research papers and MA theses

Research and writing articles

Administrative duties

Areas of research

Language testing and evaluation. Test development and evaluation.

English language teacher education.

Translation evaluation.

Academic writing.

Prgmatics in foreign language acquisition.