Inna Adamson is a associated professor on Contrastive Linguistics and a Lexicology. She has graduated at St. Petersburg State University in Russian philology. Teacher of Russian and Literature. She has received academic degrees of the Master and Doctor (PhD) at Tallinn University. She has given lectures in Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, the Czech Republic and Russia.
Outside Estonia she has made scientific reports in Finland, China, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Austria, Germany and Spain. From 2014 to 2016, in the summer she was the invited teacher of Russian as foreign at the Technical University Burgenland in Eisenstadt (Austria). Her scientific work is concentrated on the research of semantics, grammar and sociolinguistics. Recently her scientific work has been focused on research Russian outside Russia. Inna Adamson is one of authors of the innovative manual Contact Game: "Simulation Life in Moscow". She takes part in editing scientific publications.

Main tasks

Lectures in the field of modern Russian and culture, a lexicology, word formation, morphology, syntax and analysis of the text.

Scientific supervision of works BA and MA works

Students' pedagogical practice supervision

Editing of scientific publications

Supervision of students' professional development

Areas of research

Semantics, lexicology, fraseology


Contrastive linguistics