Halliki Põlda is working as a lecturer of lifelong learning at Tallinn University, School of Educational Science. Previously she worked as a communication lecturer at the same university and her practice and research interests are related to educational communication, lifelong learning and non-formal education. Her teaching methods and principles are inspired by non-formal learning philosophy. She emphasizes supporting the needs of all learners and considers youngsters as adult learners. Halliki defended her doctoral thesis in 2019 and the purpose of the thesis was to establish how the well-known social phenomenon – giftedness – is construed in public communication functioning in society. Based on the study society should support the idea that giftedness can be developed, and it is inherent to everyone. This is a main principle that Halliki supports and communicates to the public.

Main tasks

Teaching, training, scientific research, supervising in bachelor, master and doctoral level.

Areas of research

Educational science; communication science, applied linguistics, qualitative analysis methodology (critical discourse analysis)

Researches related to giftedness and talent