Piret Viires is the Professor of Estonian Literature and Literary Theory at Tallinn University. She received her doctorate degree in Estonian Literature in 2006 from Tartu University. She has published books on Estonian Literature and postmodernism, among them is "Postmodernism in Estonian Literary Culture" (2012, Peter Lang Verlag). In addition, she has published many articles, edited scholarly publications, organised conferences. She is a member of various scholarly organisations and editing boards. Her teaching assignments and research have taken her to the University of Helsinki and University of Turku (Finland), Eötvös Loránd University (Hungary), University of Warsaw (Poland), Ohio State University (USA). Piret Viires is the vice chairperson of Estonian Writers' Union and has published fiction.

Main tasks

Curator of Estonian Studies MA programme

Curator of Literary Studies MA programme

Areas of research

Contemporary Estonian Literature, postmodernism and post-postmodernism, relations of literature and technology, digital literature. Piret Viires is the member of the Research Group of Estonian Contemporary Culture and leader of the TLU partnership project in the inter-universities consortium project PRG636 “Patterns of Development in Estonian Culture of the Transition Period (1986–1998)”.