Piret Soodla has been working at Tallinn University as a researcher and teaching staff. In 2020, she started to work at the School of Educational Sciences as a Professor of Inclusive and Special Education. Her teaching courses are about teaching children with reading difficulties. For enhancing the implementation of inclusive education, she emphasizes supporting collaboration skills of teachers and special educators. In addition, Piret's teaching courses are related to supporting the development of graduate students’ research competences. Piret prioritizes evidence-based approach in her work and her aim is to support students to become knowledgeable and self-regulated professionals.

Main tasks

Research, teaching, in-service training, supervising at master and doctoral level.

Areas of research

Developmental language disorders, learning disabilities (reading and writing difficulties), assessment of children’s cognitive-linguistic skills, and the influence of contextual factors (e.g., teacher knowledge and practices) on children’s development.