Lecturer (part time)

Country: Estonia

Academic degrees: Tartu University mag. Iur; defended doctoral thesis at Nord Academy

Other positions:
Judge First Instance Court of Civil and Criminal Matters in Tallinn
Member of the Judicial Ethics Committee
Member of the Working Group of the European Association of Judges
Member of the Consultative Council of European Judges
Lecturer for the Estonian Supreme Court Training Centre

Previous positions: 
President of the Harju County Court
President of the Association of Estonian Judges
President of the National Electoral Committee
Member of the Judicial Ecamination Committee
Member of the Council for the Judiciary
Member of the Press Council

Research areas: Civil law, procedural law, social and legal philosophy

Courses: Introduction to Civil Law; Administrative, Procedural and Enforcement Law; Social and Legal Philosophy

Notable publications:

Overview of the opinions of the Consultative Council of European Judges. – Annual Book of Estonian Courts. (2017-2022) Available at: riigikohus.ee

Sustainable development of Republic of Estonia: High and Vocational Education Scenarios 2020-2035. Available at: www.hm.ee/sites/default/files/uuringud/Graubergi%20projekt.pdf

Writing a Legal Research. Theory and Practice. ISBN: 978-9949-527-55-7

Reports of European Judiciaries: Estonia. In: Performance Apprisal of the Judiciary and Judicial Independence. Zürich/St Gallen: Dike Verlag AG. ISBN: 978-3-03751-637-9

Notable projects: Olulisemad projektid:
Creating Best Practices of the Court Procedure in Estonia with the Bar Association and State Prosecutor’s Office
Participation at the Forum for EU-US Legal-Economic Affairs events in Vilnius, Tallinn, Paris, Brussels and Boston
Observer of elections (Brexit, US presidential elections and several other coutries)Participation at the Economics Institute for Judges. George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School. Washington DC