ÕIS is the studies information system for academic and non-academic employees. It's an environment for recording information about study programmes, courses, student history and study results.

> https://ois.tlu.ee

ÕIS-2 is the studies information system with improved functionality, appearance and compatibility with modern devices for students and lecturers.

> https://ois2.tlu.ee

Lecturer's ÕIS-2 workplace guide

New workplace for lecturers in study information system ÕIS-2 has been opened. Student’s workplace was the first one to become available, now it’s time for lecturers. ÕIS-2 is available only for students and lecturers, non-academic staff will remain using ÕIS for a bit longer.



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Lecturer's ÕIS-2 user guide

> The course programme instructions (detailed explanations of the fields on the form)


What is ÕIS-2?

ÕIS-2 is a portal developed with TalTech and both universities are using. In the new environment all the familiar functionalities are still there, but we have significantly upgraded the usability, user experience, and compatibility with modern devices. 

What’s new and improved in ÕIS-2?

ÕIS-2 includes some of the most anticipated and requested changes:

  1. Fresh design, while keeping the functionality familiar. We have removed elements that were not in use, and relocated menus and forms to more accessible places.
  2. ÕIS-2 includes a completely new course programme form. Instead of filling out a form in Word and uploading it to ÕIS the process has now been brought to ÕIS-2 and text documents won’t be necessary. New form is accessible only in ÕIS-2. We have compiled a guide to introduce it to you in detail.
  3. In ÕIS-2 the responsible lecturer can now share maintaining the course alongside with the co-lecturers by selecting the co-lecturers on course programme form.
Where can I enter ÕIS from?

Type in address ois2.tlu.ee or head on to TU homepage and enter through link „ÕIS-2“ from there. The user credentials for logging in are the same for ÕIS and ÕIS-2.

How can I learn to navigate in ÕIS-2?

There’s a comprehensive user guide for ÕIS-2 Lecturer’s Workplace. The screenshots of each element and activity will improve finding your way around in ÕIS-2 even further. 

Who should I ask for ÕIS-2 help?

The team of developers are hoping for active use and feedback from lecturers. Any concerns, issues or suggestions about improving ÕIS-2 can be e-mailed to ois@tlu.ee or in ÕIS via link „ÕIS help“.