What is ÕIS?

ÕIS-2 is the studies information system with improved functionality, appearance and compatibility with modern devices for students.

At the beginning of each semester students must register for the courses that they intend to take. Read more about registering for courses.

ÕIS-2 user guides:
  1. Submitting study plan
  2. Pre-registering for courses
  3. Viewing course programme and course materials
  4. Registering for interim assessments
  5. Registering for exams/pass-fail assessments
  6. Viewing study results
  7. Joining a group of a course
  8. Selecting minor field of studies
  9. Submitting applications
  10. Submitting RPL applications
  11. Nominal studies (SEM)
  12. Registering for final thesis/exam
  13. Courses feedback