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Meet Our Students - Paavali

In addition to receiving a world-class education, the university is also the best place to find friends for life. Meet Paavali from Finland and read about his experience in Politics and Governance BA programme at Tallinn University. Five simple questions, five clean cut answers!

Student Paavali

1. What do you study and where are you from?

I study Politics and International Relations in the Politics and Governance programme.
I am from Finland.

2. Why did you chose Tallinn University and your programme?

The Politics and Governance programme was really interesting because it basically included everything that I wanted to study. As a Helsinki born Finn, I have been visiting in Tallinn pretty much every year, since I was a child. Tallinn felt warm and welcoming, so it was easy decision for me in that sense.

3. Would you recommend your study programme and why?

Yes I would. The programme is really international with students from literally all over the world. Especially on this field, the international atmosphere is really beneficial. The professors and lectures are really competent, and as time goes by, you get to know them really well. No matter where you are from, I would definitely recommend this for you!

 4. What is the coolest thing that has happened during your studies?

Well, getting to know my current friends, whom I consider as my best friends. We have had so much fun during the past two and a half years of studies. I already know that these friendships are going to last for a lifetime. Additionally, taking part in the Finnish Studia-Fair as a student ambassador was really fun.

5. What are your suggestions for students around the world to cope with the current situation?

These are definitely difficult times. The most important thing to remember is that we are all part of this. We can all do our parts by washing our hands, staying inside and following the guidelines that are given by our governments. The time spent in quarantine can be used effectively by reading books and learning new things. I know I’ll be spending the next several weeks writing my bachelor’s thesis.


Do you want to know more about Paavali's experience at TLU? Find his contact on our Student Ambassadors' webpage!