Higher & medium living cost countries

Denmark, Ireland, France, Italy, Austria, Finland, Sweden, United Kingdom, Liechtenstein, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, Malta

720 €/month (30 days) 

Lower living cost countries


Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Turkey, Slovenia, Croatia, Czech Republic

670 €/month (30 days)

Main principles

  • The calculation of the mobility period is counted ‘in days’ considering every month to have 30 days. Starting and ending date of the mobility is agreed in Learning Agreement. The actual duration of the exchange is confirmed from the Letter of Confirmation once the exchange has ended.

  • The first part (80%) of the scholarship is paid before the exchange and the second part (20%) after the exchange, if all the requirements have been fulfilled. Estonian Government Scholarship is paid before the exchange.

  • If the duration is shorter than planned, any excess grant amount will be reclaimed after the exchange has ended

Important to know

  • Each Erasmus student is obliged to make him/herself  accident and liability insurance for the exchange period. 
  • Students admitted in 2018/19 need to pay 50% of the semester’s tuition fee to TU during the period of Exchange studies abroad in case where during the semester of studies abroad the student does not register for any courses of Tallinn University and/or for the defence of the final thesis and/or final examination.
  • Employers can pay trainees a salary.

Additional Support for Students with Special Needs


Opportunity to apply for additional scholarship which helps cove additional expenses abroad stemming from a specific special need (a need derived from one’s physical, mental or health state).

For further information, and applying, contact TLU Senior Specialist for International Studies (case-based applications).

Lisainfo: erasmus@tlu.ee, tel 640 9136, ruum T-215.