Scholarship based on study results is for Bachelor and Master level students with very good academic achievements. The amount of the scholarship is 100 EUR per month. The scholarship is given out for one semester (five moths).

A student has the right to apply for the scholarship if (s)he:

  • is a citizen of Estonia or residing in Estonia on the basis of a long-term or temporary residence permit or permanent or temporary right of residence, or staying in Estonia on the basis of a visa, or visa-free in the cases where a treaty for visa-free travel has been established or in the case of waiver of the visa requirements and have applied for temporary residence permit for studies;
  • is studying on the Bachelor or Master level;
  • is a full-time student (30 ECTS per semester);
  • is not on academic leave;
  • has not exceeded the standard period of study.

Students can submit their application at the beginning of semester in ÕIS (starting from the second semester)The application form shall be submitted from 15 September to 1 October in autumn semester and 15 February to 1 March in spring semester. It is not possible to submit the application after the deadline.

The ranking list will be drawn up on the basis of the cumulative completion of full-time study load (30 ECTS per semester). Students who have completed 30 ECTS or more are considered equal in the ranking list.

Procedure for the Application, Granting and Payment of Performance Scholarship