Competition of Best Scenario

Open Academy of Tallinn University announces the competition of the best scenarios of humorous video sketches. Four video clips will be filmed on the basis of the winner scenarios for the Cooperation Festival ’’At The Right Time In The Right Place“ , which takes place on Nov 1, 2018.


The aim of the cooperation festival is to bring together companies, universities and other scientific institutions to introduce the development oriented ideas and new services and cooperation projects between the univerities and business organisations in an inspiring way.

The sketches must reflect the four topics of the Cooperation Festival:

1. HUMAN & HUMAN (keywords: selection, recruiting, training, onboarding, maintaining relationships, efficiency, working environment, productivity, performance)

2. HUMAN AND CREATIVITY (keywords: experiences, creativity, the process of design and product development, digitalization, the solutions that value biodiversity, new business development model)

3. HUMAN & MACHINE (keywords: data, algorithms, automatics, robotics, artificial intelligence tools, data masses processing)

4. HUMAN AND NATURE (keywords: product and material innovation, organic production, , competitive advantage, health and well-being)

Expectations to the four video clips

We expect innovative visions, challanging ideas that attract attention and interpretation of what is/could be the format of cooperation between universities and business organisations and also interpretations of the different relationships: human-human; human-creativity, human-machine; human-nature. We would like the students to reflect upon them. These visions could be based on real life, pop-culture, new scientific achievements, books, films, etc. We expect the sketches to be humorous and optimistic.

The terms of the competition:

✓ You can particiapate in the competition individually or as a group
✓ Four scenarios that will last 1-2 minutes are expected from each participant (or a group of participants)
✓ Each scenario should focus on a concrete situation based on the four topics and keywords of the Cooperation Festival
✓ The four sketches should form a visual unity in a way that it can be understood as a part of the Cooperation Festival
✓ Scenarios must be filmed cost-effectively (e.g. there is no point in planning helicopter explosions, etc);
✓ The winner of the competition will be selected by the jury;
✓ The scenarios must be formalized in the classic scenario format, pdf.  Each file sent to the competition needs to include the name of the author/authors, e-mail address and telephone number.
The deadline of the competition is September 10, 2018
✓ Please send your work by e-mail:
✓  After selecting the winners of the scenario competition, the winners are offered a chance to carry out the project in the rooms of the Baltic Film, Media, Arts and Communication Institute as well as to use BFM’s technology and additional production grant.
The winner (or winner team) who presents the best set of sketches will be awarded 1000 euros. In case a participant presents one good scenario in one category,  the 1000 euros will be devided. For each participant who is competing in one category, it is possible to win 250 euros.


The Cooperation Festival of universities and business organisations „At The Right Time In The Righe Place“ takes place on Nov 1, 2018. The festival brings together the companies who create innovative products and services on a daily basis and the scientists of Estonian universities and other scientific insititutions who are working on modern technological developments. The Cooperation Festival consists of four main subtopics: 1. Human and Human 2. Human and Creativity 3. Human and Machine and 4 Human and Nature. We expect that in every category there will be a brief humorous video clip that leads in the main topic and helps the participants to tune in to the topic.

The Cooperation Festival takes place for the fourth time and this year we are focusing on the main topics: HUMAN. CREATIVITY. MACHINE. NATURE.
At the festival there will be fascinating keynotes, inspiring lift- speeches made by the scientists and entrepreneurs providing an extensive overview of the areas of research, services for the companies offered by scientific institutions and the chances of developing new products and services together in cooperation with the companies and universities.
There is an opportunity to create direct contacts and contribute to the solution of the issues in the company's field of activity. The festival will also give an opportunity to explore and get familiarised with the services offered by different universities all through the day.

The members of the festival team include: Tallinn University (TLÜ), Tallinn University of Technology (TTÜ), University of Tartu (TÜ), Estonian Art Academy (EKA), Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre (EMTA), Estonian University of Life Sciences (EMÜ), TTK University of Applied Sciences (TTK UAS), Tartu observatoryEstonian Business School (EBS), National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics (KBFI), Software Technology and Applications Competence Center (STACC) and Centre of Food and Fermentation Technologies (TFTAK), who are also the members of the Network

For more information and questions, please contact Katrin Männik, phone 56204450