Press Release

Estonian Sign Language Research Laboratory at Tallinn University

We are pleased to announce that the Estonian Sign Language (eesti viipekeel) Research Lab at the School of Humanities, Tallinn University has been officially established in the beginning of February 2024. The Estonian Sign Language Research Lab consists of five researchers (three junior researchers, one lab coordinator and one visiting professor).

Estonian Sign Language Research Lab

Estonian Sign Language (eesti viipekeel) is officially recognized as an independent language within the Language Act of March 1, 2007. The Estonian Language Strategy 2021-2035 addressed the developing and researching of the Estonian Sign Language. Based on the
Language Act and Language Strategy, the activities of the Estonian Sign Language Research Lab are primarily funded by the Ministry of Education.

Estonian Sign Language Research Lab aims to describe the linguistic properties of Estonian Sign Language and its use in Estonian Deaf communities, to raise awareness of Estonian Sign Language in Estonia and abroad, and to promote the application of research results in teaching and interpreting/translation.

In order to achieve this goal, the Estonian Sign Language Research Lab intends to strengthen its cooperation with Estonian Deaf communities and their Estonian Deaf Association, with professional associations working with Deaf signers living in Estonia, with the Institute of Estonian Language and with national and international research institutions.

In addition, three junior researchers will start their doctoral studies (in the fields of linguistics, education and public services, respectively).
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