Discover Estonia - Aegna island

Tallinn University's student ambassador and social entrepreneurship student Iurii went on a little trip to find out more about Aegna island and now he would like to talk about his experience.

Talumaja Aegna saarel

I would like to share my experience regarding travelling in Estonia. This time I’ll be talking about my visit to Aegna Island. Actually, there are more than 2300 islands in Estonia, it is amazing. Of course, visiting all of them sounds like a mission impossible, but I’m planning on getting to see at least some of them.

We arrived at a small pier which is located near Tallinn City Hall (which I also recommend for everyone to check out). The movie “Tenet” by Christopher Nolan was partly filmed in Tallinn and one of the scenes of the movie was recorded in the City Hall.

After a 40 minutes sail we arrived to Aegna Island. I was impressed by the beautiful northern nature. We walked around the island, beaches and forest, and got to breathe some fresh air. 

I recommend that you take some coffee or snacks to the island with you because it may be a problem to buy something to eat and to drink there. We didn’t know about it. A local worker told us that we can buy coffee from a guest house. However, when we were going towards this place, the worker drove by his quad bike and offered to give us a ride. He had just given a lady who went mushroom forging a lift to the pier. On the pier he invited us for a coffee at his house. It was unexpected, especially since it’s not a common practice for Estonians as we’ve heard. He offered us coffee with almonds, grape sugar and candies, and did not accept any money from us. Coffee was tasty like in any place in Tallinn. It was very nice.

We noticed that there are several houses on the island. Our host told us that there are just two guys who live on that island all year around and they’re brothers. However, during summer period there are more people who stay there. During winter time ferries do not sail. Therefor the locals use their boat to buy food in the supermarket.  Citizens and tourists arrive usually for mushroom forging and walks, maybe for a picnic or barbeque (there is all the infrastructure here for picnics), or maybe swim at the beach.

It was a wonderful trip. I hope to visit this island again. Next time we plan to rent a house for a couple of nights. It must be so cool to sit around the fire and drink hot tea or mulled wine.