Wireless networks at Tallinn University

Public wireless networks (WiFi networks) are available in the following university buildings and rooms:

  • Astra (Narva rd 29, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Mare (Uus-Sadama 5, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Nova (Narva rd 27, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Silva (Narva rd 29, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Terra (Narva rd 25, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Haapsalu College (Lihula rd 12, Haapsalu): full coverage. SSID: TLU
  • Academic building on Räägu street (Räägu 49, Tallinn): full coverage. SSID: TLU

Technical parameters

Current wireless network standard: IEEE 802.11b/g
Up- and download speed: up to 5 Mbps
Necessary network settings are configured automatically by the DHCP server.
Public wireless networks at Tallinn University are not connected to TU trunk networks, instead the network of the commercial service provider is used for the data communication.


Tallinn University is part of an academic network called Eduroam, which provides our teachers and students free internet access at several universities, institutions and libraries across the world. At every organisation that has joined the project, Eduroam Is accessed by logging in with the home university e-mail address (username@tlu.ee) and password.

Eduroam is not available in the Nova building or the academic building on Räägu street.

General parameters necessary to set up Eduroam

Network name (SSID) is the same in every organisation: eduroam

AP authentication and encryption may differ across networks. Tallinn University uses parameters suggested by eduroam.org:
Authentication method: WPA2 (also known as WPA2-Enterprise)
Encryption algorithm: AES

User authentication parameters are same for all TU users in all eduroam networks:
Authentication: 802.1x EAP
Authentication type: PEAP
Authentication protocol: MS-CHAP-v2
User: username@tlu.ee (NB! NOT firstname.lastname@tlu.ee)
Password: TU user account password
Domain: (leave it empty)

Validate Server Certificate (PEAP server): you can disable this by unticking the box. If you either don't want to or can't disable it, you need to download an additional TLÜ RADIUS server root certificate. You can download it here: https://www.tlu.ee/itfailid/eduroam/tu.eduroam.ca.cer

Perks of Eduroam in comparison to public Wi-Fi:

  • All eduroam access points have the same network name (SSID: eduroam).
  • Eduroam provides a quick and secure connection.
  • Connection is authenticated, therefore the organisation providing the service can control access to the network.
  • Thanks to the global agreement, the eduroam Wi-Fi roaming service is free-of-charge to users.