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Meet Our Alumni - Giorgi

To help inspire future students and graduates of Tallinn University, we are proud to introduce our truly amazing alumni. We want to show where one may go with the degree from TLU, and give advice to those who are just starting out. Meet our alumnus Giorgi who graduated the International Relations MA programme. Today he is working at the MFA of Georgia. The journey of our alumni is our journey.

Alumni Giorgi

1. What did you study at TLU and where are you from?

I am from Georgia and given the challenges that my county is facing since the declaration of its independence in early 1990’es, I always thought that international relations would be a way out for such a small nation in this globalized world, therefore it was not a coincidence that at Tallinn University I enrolled at the programme of International Relations.

2. Why did you choose Tallinn University and your programme?

Tallinn University as an option to continue my studies abroad seemed to be very attractive due to several reasons:  first of all, because of the country. Estonia is a similarly small nation, which became an example for Georgia in shaping its future as a prosperous and modern state, with similar past and common challenges. On the other hand, I liked the programme that university offered to the future students: the rich theoretical curriculum contained practical activities that made studies more interesting and memorable.

3. Would you recommend your study programme and why?

Yes for sure and with 100% of credibility! Besides above-mentioned reasons, I would say that it’s modern style and teaching system grants to the university more attractiveness among local and foreign students. Compare to the gigantic educational centers across the world, Tallinn University is relatively small and in my opinion, this is one of the merits, this university has. In super modernized classrooms, the number of students lets everybody to be actively engaged in studying process and contribute to the formation of friendly atmosphere, on the other hand the professors also have more chance of delivering their best to the students and be in active communication with them. Consequently, the quality of education reaches higher standards.  In today’s world, where education is somewhat accessible for many people, these kind of details have more significance for me, since nowadays we must deal with quality, rather than just a simple paper at the end of studies. Therefore, I would definitely recommend the Tallinn University to those, who are interested in continuing their education for higher qualifications. For me as foreign student, besides educational characteristics, one of the most important aspect was hospitality, expressed by my local classmates and professors. Undoubtedly, the worm welcome and always-helpful attitude towards us, made my stay in Tallinn a memorable part of my life.

TLU alumnus Giorgi
Giorgi as a student at Tallinn University

4. What is the coolest thing that has happened during your studies?

Without exaggeration, the coolest thing related to my studies at TLU was my trip to Brussels with my classmates. As a part of extracurricular activities of our programme, whole classes was privileged to travel to Belgium in order to pay a study visit to the Headquarters of the NATO. At some point it was a cool experience of making friends and enjoying the visit, but on the other hand, we had a chance to be introduced with the working process on ground and atmosphere of one of the most complicated and developed organizations in the world. Not mentioning that on the way back to Tallinn, whole group arrived late at the airport and this fact was unimaginably most memorable “incident” of this journey.

5. What is the best thing that has happened after graduation?

Well, after graduation, as a simple and an average student, I also had expectations of putting my theoretical knowledge in practical experience. Therefore, immediately after getting back to Georgia from Tallinn, I started looking for several options. Fortunately, I was lucky enough, to suit to the requirements of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia and after passing several exams I have been able to be become a member of family of Georgian diplomats.


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