Tallinn University's best publications

36 works in 7 categories competed for the award of best publication, textbook and creative project this year.



Competion is held every year with the purpose to motivate Tallinn University staff for excellent reasearch and creative works. Also to stimulate them to introduse their professional achievements. The members of expert commisson were Associate Professor Astrid Rekke (head of the commisson), Reasearch Fellow Raili Nugin,  Associate Professor  Meril Ümarik, Associate Professor Andres Jõesaar, Professor Emeritus Andi Kivinukk, Professor Mart Susi and Associate Professor Katrin Kullasepp. 

Tallinn University's best monograph was awarded to "Medieval Altars and Altarpieces", written by School of Humanities Research Track Associate Professor Anu Mänd.

The award for best general education or higher education textbook was shared between two works. These are SNSH Associate Professor of Psychology of Law Kristjan Kask's "Kui seinad räägiksid. Küsitlemise kunst" (If Walls Could Talk. The Art of Questioning) and Jaagup Kippar's series of electronic textbooks "Digihumanitaaria tehnoloogiad, Kvantitatiivne digihumanitaaria, Kvalitatiivne digihumanitaaria" (Technologies of Digital Humanities, Quantitative Digital Humanities, Qualitative Digital Humanities”).

The author of the best creative project is BFM Lecturer of Art History Heie Treier.

The award for the best humanities article was shared. In the subject of Cultural Studies, an award-worthy work was published by BFM's Professor of Media Innovation Indrek Ibrus and Maarja Ojamaa and on the topic of the conditions of children born out of wedlock by SOGOLAS Senior Research Fellow Kersti Lust.

The award for best Social Sciences article was also shared.SNSH Professor in School Psychology Eve Kikas, lecturer of Data Analysis of Behavioural Sciences Kaja Mädamürk and Anu Palu focused on the question of whether and which learning strategies support the skill of solving mathematical problems, SOGOLAS Professor of Political Theory Peeter Selg and School of Humanities Research Fellow Piret Peiker contributed on the topic of relational sociology.

The best natural science article was written by SNSH Early Stage Researcher Martin Küttim, SNSH Project Leader Mati Ilomets, Liisa Küttim, Anna M. Laine and Bjorn J. M. Robroek. In the article they examine the ecophysiological characteristics of mosses in calcareous fens.

The best exact science article is the theoretical work by SNSH early stage researcher Sander Paekivi and Professor Emeritus Romi Mankin in which a mathematical model of a type of neuron found in the brain was created and the results derived from it were analysed.

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