University 15 – a celebration in our hearts

Address by Rectorate of Tallinn University Tiit Land for the 15th birthday of the university.

Tiit Land
Rektor Tiit Land

Today, there is a special feeling – 15 years have passed since the day we officially started to use the Tallinn University name. I'm pleased that we have carried it with honour. The university is larger, more influential and more active. The science carried out here is on the international level, our alumni can increasingly be found in places where important discoveries and decisions are made. The latest dream of becoming the leader of smart lifestyle has become a reality.

It is my pleasure to thank everyone who has contributed or is still contributing to our common goal. Because although everyone’s opinions naturally vary, we have found a common goal and common tools and done everything together. We have been able to ask for support and offer help. Therein lies our strength, through which our special character shines, the basis of all our achievements to date.

Instead of the current emergency situation and the nicely built but empty school campus, I would have very much wished that we could have handed out the awards with great warmth and celebration and thanked the recipients in person. We will certainly do so in the future.

For now, I can tell you that the 15th birthday of the university is rich with recognition regardless. We have 21 new cavaliers of badges of merit and 30 honourable mentions. We have determined the most valued lecturers, publications and trainers, the best of the best of the LIFE programme as well as the recipients of the literature award of the university.
I rejoice with all award recipients and feel hopeful with those who see a brighter future.

I wish everyone a beautiful university birthday!