• Erasmus+ Traineeship for Recent Graduates is no different from the traineeship of students in that the traineeship's profile and field have to match with the recent graduate's field of study at Tallinn University.
  • Erasmus+ Traineeship for Recent Graduates can be carried out and completed within one year from graduation.
  • Maximal length of recent graduate traineeship is 6 months
    NB! These 6 months make a part of the total Erasmus+ Student Mobility period per study level, i.e. a student can benefit from Erasmus+ programme max. 12 months per study level (all periods of exchange studies and traineeships combined). Thus, if you have already done Erasmus+ Student Mobility during the level of studies from which you just graduated, you should first calculate whether you still have all 6 months left or less.
  • A student has to apply for recent graduate traineeship at least 2 months before the graduation.

Important to keep in mind when applying

  • As a recent graduate, you will not be doing the traineeship under any TU course/traineeship subject (as you have already fulfilled your study programme and have graduated by the time the traineeship is to take place). Consequently, you are not required to present any traineeship portfolio or work to your former TU academic unit. As a proof that you have carried out Erasmus+ Traineeship for Recent Graduates, you will be issued instead a Europass certificate at the end of the traineeship.
  • The recent graduates, the same way as student-trainees, are required to fill out the end-of-traineeship reporting documents when their traineeships are to finish. 

Erasmus+ scholarship

  • The scholarship rates for Erasmus+ traineeship are the same for both TU students and recent graduates.
  • NB! In case the student/recent graduate fails to submit the reporting documentation, submitted at end of the traineeship, proving his/her stay at the traineeship organisation, or in case of this documentation is incorrectly completed, Tallinn University has the right to request from the student/recent graduate the full refunding of the Erasmus+ scholarship. The exception to this rule applies only in cases where student/recent graduate has had a convincing reason for not complying, and thus presents a written application (accompanied by relevant supporting documents) to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs the latest by the end of the intermediate week of the semester which follows the semester of the traineeship abroad. The decision about the validity and soundness of the application, as well as diminishing or revoking the required scholarship refunding, will be made by the named Vice-Rector the latest within 10 calendar days after receiving the application.