Two special events at the university

We will present the postage stamp of Tallinn University jubilee year and celebrate the anniversary of the Republic of Estonia with a ceremony this Friday, 22 February.


For the first time, the public has the opportunity to see the Tallinn University jubilee postage stamp in Mare Atrium at 10 AM. The postage stamp is dedicated to the 100th anniversary of consistent teacher education. Everyone who is interested can buy the postage stamps and first-day envelopes on the spot. The first hundred enthusiasts have the possibility to send the university’s jubilee postcard together with the postage stamp, first-day envelope, and stamp to their friends and family. 
At noon, the Republic of Estonia anniversary ceremony “Me hoiame nõnda ühte” (“We shall stick together”) begins in the assembly hall. Speeches are given by the Rector, Professor Tiit Land, and TU alumnus Joonas Hellerma. The recipients of Estonian state decorations and the laureates of National Science Awards and the Wiedemann Language Prize are congratulated. The artistic director of the ceremony is Toomas Voll, the conductor of the university’s female choir.