Once you have booked your TRP appointment at the PBGB, please fill out the following form so that the university can support your application with an invitation letter. The invitation letter is not issued to the student and is sent directly to the PBGB. Please make sure to fill it out in advance and allow for up to 5 days for the invitation to be issued. It takes a while for the letter to show up in the PBGB's system so it is unlikely it will be possible to issue it on the same day as your appointment. 

There is no need to contact the International Admissions Office after filling out the form as your invitation letter will be sent to the PBGB based on the information you have provided. In case you miss or reschedule your appointment, you do not need to resubmit the form as the original invitation letter is still valid. 

More information about the TRP application process is available here.

Please enter your full name as it appears in your passport.
Please use this field for any additional questions or comments you might have about the TRP application process.