The competition and related activities are organised by the Research Administration Office. Bachelor’s theses, Master’s theses, doctoral theses and diploma theses which have been defended in the previous academic year (2019/2020), and scientific publications published in the calendar year preceding the year of the competition (2021) may be submitted to the competition. The only author or the first author of the scientific publication must be the student or alumnus submitting the entry. The entries must be submitted by 15 January 2021 at the latest in an electronic format to the e-mail address

The entries are assessed in four categories: 

  • doctoral theses;
  • Master’s theses;
  • diploma theses and Bachelor’s theses;
  • scientific publications.

The following documents must be submitted in order to participate in the competition:

  • competition entry 
  • in case of a scientific publication, title of the publication, publication year and preferably also the expected type of the publication according to the classifier of the Estonian Research Information System (hereinafter ETIS). Scientific publications are deemed to be publications classified by the ETIS classifier of publications 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, 3.1 or 3.2. Description of the classifier of ETIS publications can be found here
  • the author’s consent as regards the submission of the entry to the competition and the author’s confirmation on having examined the conditions in an electronic or paper format in case the entry is not submitted by the author;
  • the author’s contacts (contact phone number and e-mail address).

In each category of entries, one first prize, one second prize and one third prize in each field is awarded. In the category of doctoral theses, one prize for the best doctoral thesis in each field is awarded.

Prizes are as follows: 

  • Best doctoral thesis 315 €;
  • Best Master’s thesis 190 €;
  • Best diploma thesis or Bachelor’s thesis 125 €;
  • Best scientific publication 125 €.

Second and third prize winners will receive an honourable mention and a Tallinn University souvenir. 

The laureates of the competition must submit a short article summarising their winning entry, which will be published in the electronic collection of the university-wide competition. More information about rules of the competition can be found in the competition statute.

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