Strengthening Democracy Through Education: Conceptual and Practical Perspectives


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A 2-day conference in Tallinn on 27-28.02.2024

The conference will focus on the opportunities to strengthen contemporary responsible democratic citizenship through education. We view democratic citizenship as the capacity of citizens to act as autonomous democratic agents in a responsible way. This has become an increasingly urgent need due to several recent and ongoing crises in Europe. The challenges such as mediatization, technocratization, disenchantment, radicalization, populism, securitization, digitalization, illiberalism, and others put pressure on the democratic system and citizens. Strengthening education for democracy is one means of responding to these challenges. 

During the conference, conceptual and practical perspectives, including innovative ideas, techniques, initiatives or interventions supporting responsible democratic citizenship through education for democracy will be discussed. These can include curriculum, formal and non-formal education, basic and further education for teachers, schools collaborating with communities, youth work, learning design for citizen engagement, digital tools, and many other aspects of learning/education for democracy. Both content and process-related aspects can support the development of citizens as reflexive, autonomous, and constructive democratic agents and address the challenges outlined above.

Key topics may include:

  • National, European and global frameworks for Education for Democracy
  • Curriculum development and supportive pedagogies
  • The use of Living Labs, and other innovative approaches to democratise education
  • Digital citizenship and its implications and repercussions
  • The role of teacher education in furthering education for democracy

The discussions and presentations will be based on, but not limited to, the EU Horizon Europe DEMOCRAT project aims to strengthen liberal democracy in the European Union by creating, through participatory redesign and implementation, innovative and context-sensitive Education for Responsible Democratic Citizenship curricula and learning methods.

We invite academics, practitioners, representatives of other EU projects, policymakers, and anyone else for the 2 days of dialogue, inspiring connections, and sharing of ideas and information at Tallinn University on 27-28th February.

The conference is open to contributions

If you have any research or practice that you think would fit the conference and would like to present it, please contact the organisers by 10th December on The finalised programme will be published by early January 2024.

The conference is free of charge.

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