Before applying: 

1. get in touch with your (1) Study Counsellor, (2) Erasmus+ Departmental Coordinator and (3) Traineeship Supervisor and discuss your possibilities to go for a traineeship 

2. find a suitable traineeship organization/company

Application documents:

  • (Digitally) signed Application (traineeship made while being TU student) / Application (traineeship made as TU recent graduate)
  • Motivation letter 1-2 pages (including a brief description of the planned traineeship). The following criteria will be assessed: motivation, independence and ability to take initiative, cultural competences, having information about the internship place and the organisation of studies and economic preparedness.
  • Proof of language (B1) spoken in the host organisation
  • Initial letter of acceptance from the host organisation (e-mail is fine)

Applications can be handed in during the entire year, except in July.

Doing traineeship as TU student
TU students interested in Erasmus+ Traineeship have to submit the above-mentioned application documents to TU Senior Specialist for International Studies at least 2 months before the start of traineeship.

Doing traineeship as TU recent graduate
TU students who are to graduate this spring semester and plan to do Erasmus+ Recent Graduate Traineeship, are required to present the above mentioned application documents by 30 April (and fully signed Learning Agreement by 15 May). 

Without exception, no documents will be accepted after 15 May!