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Noor Ul Huda: Steering Cultural Horizons: My Journey in Online Intercultural Collaboration

In this blog post, I share the unique and insightful experiences that have shaped my point of view on intercultural communication. This semester of online intercultural collaboration has been a transformative journey, standing as a testament to the power of technology in connecting individuals from diverse corners of the world. As I embark on the next phase of my academic and personal journey, I carry with me the lessons learned, the friendships forged, and a deep appreciation for the beauty of intercultural communication.

Noor Ul Huda

In our ever-expanding universal scenery, the digital sphere has become a meeting place for diverse cultures, fostering opportunities for intercultural collaboration. In my first semester, I started on an inspiring journey of online intercultural collaboration as part of my coursework. Being a part of an energetic team (comprising Noor, Rocki, Olivia, and Kade) my interactions and experiences have shaped not just my coursework but also my perspectives on collaboration, communication, and cultural diversity.

Working with diverse individuals, both from the University of Louisiana Monroe (ULM) and Tallinn University (TU) opened my eyes to the richness of cultural diversity. Our collaboration exceeded geographical boundaries, allowing for a unique blend of ideas and perspectives. Memorable meetings and our group presentations unfolded as we shared vibrant stories, sketches, and cultural shades, creating a textile of shared experiences. Our virtual collaboration was a mixture of diverse backgrounds, languages, and experiences. My stories of growing up in Pakistan, Rocki's adventures in Europe, Olivia's connections with Spanish-speaking communities, and Kade's experiences with multicultural kids created rich embroidery that enriched our collective learning.

One of the memorable meeting involved sharing language biographies, sorting out our linguistic journeys, and discovering the surprises hidden within each narrative. I navigated cultural shades and dove deep into the significance of language in shaping identity.

I would like to quote another one of the striking interaction that involved discussing the influence of culture on communication styles. Through engaging conversations, we explored how cultural backgrounds shape our perceptions and expressions. These discussions not only broadened my understanding but also laid the foundation for lasting connections. Coping strategies within the group naturally evolved, blending our diverse strengths to overcome challenges and foster unity.

Working with my group members—Rocki, Olivia, and Kade—has been a fascinating exploration of cultural intersections. Our virtual meetings were not just about exchanging ideas; they provided glimpses into each other's worlds. I believe that navigating cultural differences within the group required thoughtful consideration and open-mindedness. I discovered that active listening, clear communication, and a willingness to learn were essential coping strategies. Our shared commitment to the project cultivated a sense of unity, surpassing cultural discrepancies.

Surprisingly, what began as a collaborative effort soon evolved into genuine friendships. Interactions extended beyond the limits of our project, as we shared personal stories, traditions, and aspirations. This intercultural collaboration has not only enhanced my academic journey but has also enriched my life with meaningful connections.
Beyond being collaborators, we have become friends. The shared challenges, triumphs, and cultural exchanges have created bonds that extend beyond the virtual classroom. This experience has highlighted the potential for friendships and personal relationships to develop in unexpected and enriching ways.

Noor Ul Huda, the MA student in Communication Management

As I approach the end of the course, a sense of accomplishment and fulfilment envelops me. The course has not only deepened my understanding of intercultural communication but has also equipped me with practical skills for navigating diverse environments. The sense of community that developed within our group goes beyond the academic context, leaving me with a valuable network of friends and collaborators.

One of the most significant takeaways from this course is the appreciation for the complexity of intercultural communication. It is not just about language; it is about understanding cultural shades, adapting communication styles, and fostering empathy. Learning from my peers has broadened my perspective, making me more aware of the richness that cultural diversity brings to any collaborative endeavour.

Moving forward, I plan to continue developing my intercultural communication skills through ongoing learning. I aim to further refine my communication skills, deepen my understanding of cultural contexts, and actively seek opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration. This experience has ignited a passion for fostering global connections, and I plan to pursue this interest in my future academic and professional endeavors.
Looking forward to future occasions where intercultural communication is crucial, I feel more confident and prepared. This collaboration has equipped me with the tools to navigate diverse settings and has instilled in me a sense of cultural adaptability. I will approach future collaborations with an open mind, drawing on the lessons learned during this semester. 

In the end, I would like to thank both Professors: Dr. Anastassia Zabrodskaja and Dr. Sara Kim for this outstanding opportunity of Telecollaboration. 

Written by Noor Ul Huda, the MA student in Communication Management