Nordplus project on Media Literacy, Heritage and Reuse in Education

BFM is leading the Media Literacy, Heritage and Reuse in Education Nordplus project. Meetings took place July 9th-10th at Tallinn University and the newly opened Film Museum.

Nordplusi projekti liikmed Filmimuuseumi ees
Media litearcy team member

Local experts from Tallinn University, the Estonian Film Institute and the Film Museum alongside international partners from Denmark, Finland, Lithuania and Latvia came together to launch a new network, which would deal with the knowledge and contacts surrounding the development of media literacy in the Baltic Sea region.

The goal of the work group that was assembled in the beginning of July is to gather and redistribute best practices that combine the teaching of audiovisual skills and the (re)use of material be it an award-winning film, piece of a chronicle or a self-made animation, which helps explain some of the more difficult parts of a lesson.

The director of the lead partner BFM Katrin Saks says that Estonia has many great examples but we lack a systematic approach and an appropriate platform where teachers could find these materials. "So we try to find strength in numbers within Estonia and neighboring countries by organizing a series of cooperation seminars in the partner countries. As a result of these seminars Tallinn University and the Film Museum will host a 2-day conference for teachers in the beginning of the new year. We have been collaborating with schools and teachers for years now, but now we have the opportunity to widen the circle and bring in other, international experiences."