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Promoting Intercultural Communication between Tallinn and Tbilisi

Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja Gruusias
Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja Gruusias

The ERASMUS+ teacher mobility programme between Tallinn University and Georgian Institute of Public Affairs (GIPA) persisted in April 2024, during which Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, Professor of Intercultural Communication and Head of the Communication Management Master’s programme, travelled to Tbilisi to conduct teaching sessions.

The ERASMUS+ teacher cooperation between the Georgian Institute of Public Affairs and Tallinn University has once again taken place. The inception of GIPA dates back to 1994 in Tbilisi, Georgia. Comprising four distinct schools, the institute provides a range of academic programs, including MA and BA degrees, along with training courses. These offerings span various disciplines such as Public Affairs, Local Governance, Journalism, International Affairs, and Law. TLU Baltic Film, Media, and Arts School actively participates in research within the field of Intercultural Communication and Communication Management. The school provides a Master’s Programme in Communication Management. Erasmus+ collaboration between these institutions promotes cultural exchange and understanding. Students and faculty members have the chance to interact with individuals from diverse cultural backgrounds, fostering tolerance, empathy, and mutual respect.

Professor Anastassia Zabrodskaja provided a panoramic overview of intercultural communication studies from a discourse perspective, emphasizing language and ethnographic work as key components for better understanding intercultural communication processes in today’s world. Students were introduced to recent theoretical developments in the field of linguistic landscapes and methodological issues. Debates centered around pertinent sites where intercultural communication is essential for understanding social inequalities.

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The text is authored by Dr Anastassia Zabrodskaja, who is a Professor of Intercultural Communication, the Head of the Communication Management master’s programme at Tallinn University Baltic Film, Media and Arts School, and the Executive Director of the European Masters in Intercultural Communication (EMICC) teaching and research network.

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