TLU Alumnus Julius Aderis

Julius is from Lithuania and graduated from the Digital Learning Games (DLG) Master´s programme in 2017. Read his story!

Julius Aderis

How did you decide to start studying the DLG programme?

As I have background in game development, I was looking to continue my studies in related field. I came across the DLG programme and found it interesting and perfect match for what I was searching for!

What was the most awesome aspect(s) during your studies in DLG?

Exciting learning activities such as classroom gamification and modern outlook on education (blog-based courses, gamified lectures and individual timetables, for example) have made my time in Tallinn University a remarkable experience! I gained valuable experience understanding game design processes, composing game design documents (with gameplay and core mechanics), participating in game design workshops and designing user interface.

Which courses inspired you the most?

Well, the list is long, but my favourites of all, which I found the most interesting, were Design of Gameplay and Core Mechanics, Serious Games Workshop, Evaluating User Experience, Foundations of Human-Computer Interaction and Transmedia Storytelling Theories and Methods.

What kind of support has DLG offered you in your professional activities (in Cognuse and in Prague)?

Thanks to studying DLG I acquired the much-needed game design and interaction design skills which have made me a more versatile game developer. I have found new and innovative ways (involving lateral thinking) on how to approach and creatively tackle game development problems in professional settings.

What comes to your mind when you think back at your studies at TU?

Well, first of all, the education system is modern and the lectures at the DLG programme really interesting and exciting! I also value the international contacts I made throughout my studies and of course, the valuable internship opportunities available!

How do you like Tallinn? Why would you suggest someone to move here?

Tallinn is a modern city with lots of opportunities (especially in the IT-sector). It’s a truly international city with many international students and a vivid cultural life.

What you would like to say to those who hesitate to start their studies in DLG?

Estonia is a rising game development hub and DLG offers valuable internship opportunities both locally and abroad. During the course of Learning Games Internship, Tallinn University found me a place in Cognuse (company specializing in medical software) where I started working on medical simulations and continued throughout the rest of my studies. After the completion of DLG I had a chance participate in the Erasmus+ programme for recent graduates and travel to Prague and worked on groundbreaking Virtual Reality games in DIVR Labs.


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