Tallinn University Podcast second episode is a conversation with former US Ambassador to Russia Prof. Michael McFaul

Tallinn University Podcast is led by Lecturer of International Relations Terry McDonald.


In the podcast, they discuss changes in US foreign policy in the region from Prof. McFaul's time in the Obama administration, through the Trump era, and what a Biden Presidency will mean for Estonia and the region as a whole. Plus, they reflect on Prof. McFaul's personal experiences in Estonia, Russia, and the USSR, and muse on the future of International Relations.

“I personally am quite nervous about the balance of power in your part of the world. I think we have not been paying attention in NATO, the United States most certainly has not been paying attention, and during the Trump administration we have not been paying attention,” says Prof. McFaul in the conversation and adds: “If you look at Russian military hardware in your part of the world, it’s scary in my opinion. It is formidable, and we have not done enough to defend that border.”

Recorded at the Tallinn University Winter School of International Relations on 26th of February 2021.

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