If you are an Estonian citizen or hold a long-term residence permit in Estonia, the application procedure is as follows:

Preparing for the application period

Find the programme you are interested in applying to.

Make sure you meet the general requirements which you can see in the description of each study level. Please choose the study level that you would like to study at here.

If you know English at B2 level or Estonian at B1 level, you can apply for programmes with the language of instruction in Estonian as well as programmes taught in English. For applying to English-based programmes, make sure you have proof of English language proficiency. Note that the proof of English proficiency needs to be valid at the beginning of studies. 

Familiarize yourself with the programme's description and programme-specific requirements which are described on the web site of the programme you are interested in. Make sure what the programme specific requirements are. Each programme has the programme prerequisites listed under the description of the programme. The English programmes can be found here and the Estonian programmes here and here.

For applicants to Doctoral programmes: Contact the academic unit you would like to begin your Doctoral studies at to find a prospective supervisor. All PhD programmes can be seen here and you can find the contact person on the programme page. Please attach your PhD proposal to the e-mail for reviewing.

Take your documents to Estonian ENIC/NARIC centre for evaluation if you graduated from your previous studies outside of Estonia. If you do not have the chance to take the documents for evaluation yourself, you can send them to the admissions office to the following address:

Academic Affairs Office
Tallinn University
Narva mnt. 25
10120 Tallinn

Please note that sending your documents to the admissions office for processing costs 100 euros. Please see information about paying the documents processing fee here.
NB! Please note that getting the evaluation from the Estonian ENIC/NARIC center takes one month. You should have the ENIC/NARIC's decision on your qualification by the time you apply.

Submitting an application

Apply online in SAIS. The application period is 20 June - 1 July, 2020


If your educational documents are not available in the national databases of Estonia or you do not have an ID-card and can not submit your application in the SAIS system, you are welcome to bring the required documents to the university (Narva mnt 29, Astra building) on the following dates and times: 

June 26 - 10.00-16-00

June 27 - 11.00-14.00

June 29 - 10.00-16.00

June 30 - 10.00-16.00

If your previous education is from outside of Estonia, please bring the application documents personally to the admissions office including:

  • Proof of Estonian language proficiency for at least B1 level or an internationally recognized English proof of proficiency for at least B2 level, please see here.
  • Certified copies of your educational documents in the original language and official translations into English. When submitting the documents, make sure you follow the Country-specific RequirementsIf the country you studied in is not listed, no country-specific requirements apply and general requirements are to be followed.
  • The Estonian ENIC/NARIC centre's evaluation of your educational documents if you will send your documents to the centre yourself
  • Copy of the identification page of your passport

If you graduated from your previous studies in Estonia, no paper copies of your educational documents are needed.

* Bachelor level applicants are expected to send their secondary education documents; Master level applicants are expected to send their Bachelor level documents or documents certifying a corresponding qualification; Doctoral level applicants are expected to send their Bachelor and Master level documents or documents certifying corresponding qualifications.

Once you have submitted an application and all the required additional documents, you will be notified of the time and place of the admission exam.