The following steps outline the application process for the citizens of the member countries of the European Union (EU) or European Economic Area (EEA).


  1. Find the programme you are interested in applying for. Make sure what are the general admission requirements for applying for the desired level and see what are the programme specific requirements. The general admission requirements can be found in the description of each level and the programme specific requirements are described on the bottom of the programme information pages. There might also be a country specific requirement for sending your documents, please see here. If your country is not indicated there, then no country specific requirements apply.
  2. For PhD applicants – please find a prospective supervisor by contacting the respective unit. All PhD programmes can be seen here and you can find the contact person on the programme page. Please attach your PhD proposal for reviewing to the e-mail.
  3. Apply online, submit the written part of the admission exam and pay the application fee. The written part (or an assignment) of the admission exam is described on each programme page.
  4. Wait for an initial feedback to your application from the admission specialist.
  5. If the documents uploaded to the application system are sufficient and you receive a positive feedback to the written part of the exam (or an assignment) you will be asked to take the admission interview.

    You will be contacted by the study counsellor of the respective unit for arranging a time for the admission interview. Admission exams take place several times a year. Please see the timetable here.

  6. If the admission interview has a positive result you will be asked to send your application cover (the application cover is your online application - print the profile, the confirmation and sign the confirmation) and educational documents to the following address:

    Academic Affairs Office
    Tallinn University
    Narva mnt. 25
    10120 Tallinn

    Students graduating from upper secondary schools or universities in Spring 2019 who are not able to submit their educational certificates by the requested deadline are asked to contact the International Admission Specialist (

  7. After the documents have arrived by post, they will be forwarded to Estonian ENIC/NARIC Centre for evaluation. The evaluation results will be published in one month. You will be notified of the result via the application system.
  8. Acceptance
    A successful candidate will be informed of the positive decision of the Admission Council after the admission exam via online application system.
  9. Right of residence