Success Story

BFM alumni at DocPoint

A Helsinki-Tallinn based documentary film festival DocPoint held this week is presenting a number of works by BFM alumni.

DocPoint 2020

The whole program is online, Estonian premiers are also held in theaters (Artis and Sõprus).

Four fresh, bold and original student works by Finnish authors who have studied abroad are screened in a cassette, among them “Teamwork” by Rabbe Sandström and “Under Control” by Ville Koskinen. Rabbe graduated the Documentary Film masters program and Ville the Audiovisual Media program in 2020.

The wood craft company operating in Pietarsaari offers work, security and encouragement to unemployed young people. This is the subject of the observational documentary “Teamwork”. “Under control” is an experimental documentary about Tallinn Botanical Gardens.

In Tallinn one can watch THE GARDENER OF TENSION FIELDS by Joosep Matjus and Katri Rannastu (Joosep is a graduate of the Film Arts MA program from 2011 and Katri Film Arts BA, 2007), "Rauaniit/ Thread of Iron" by Maria Aua (Documentary Film MA 2016), A LOSS OF SOMETHING EVER FELT by Carlos E. Lesmes (Film Arts MA, 2013).

Check out the whole program!