Success Story

BFM @ PÖFF Shorts National Competition Titles

The Black Nights Film Festival sub festival PÖFF Shorts chose 24 films from 79 submissions of shorts films and animations, which will be competing for the national competition title.

PÖFF Shorts

The winner will, for the first time in PÖFF's history, get the opportunity to be nominated for the Academy Awards. 

BFM is represented in different ways - first of all BFM's staff member Kersti Uibo's "Wombstone" was picked for the competition. The documentary is best understood as the observations of an unborn or newborn child setting eyes on the world for the first time. Is a mother’s womb the confined space that it appears to be, or is it as infinite as the cosmos itself? Is the bolder on the beach as tall as a mountain, or as tiny as a pebble? The sounds of gently breaking waves or fluttering insect’s wings are telling the story of our roots long before human footprints were first left on Baltic beaches. 

Of course most of the authors connected to BFM are in fact alumni. Representing the Documentary Film MA are Jyri Pitkänen with "12", Nele Aunap with "Hiatus", Hõbe Ilus and Mihkel Oksmann with "Wedding Officiant" and Liis Lepik with "Payday". Film Arts are represented by German Golub's "Black and White Colours", Tõnis Pill's "Blue" and Rebeka Rummel's "Julius". Representing the Audiovisual Media BA graduates are Vivian Säde with "It's About a Wedding" and John Strandberg with "Sin". Both of BFM's joint master's programs are represented: Viewfinder with Eric Romero's "Time Capsule" alongside Carlos E. Lesmes' film "Look What You Did" and Kino Eyes with Bojana Babić's "Favor".

Last but not leat our current students! Film Arts second year's course work "Take" by Oliver Remma tells a story about searching redemption through art. Audiovisual Media 1st semester (factual TV) assignment "Home(sick)ness" by Daria Litvichenko focuses on Estonians living abroad who reveal the poetry of the everyday as they share what makes them miss their home. Ahmed Fouad Ragab's "On the Other Side of Fear" is also course work from AV Media, it speaks of actions which incite religious violence and broaden the divide of cultural and moral beliefs in society. And the last AV Media representative Romet Esko's "Struck By Lightning" is an attempt to understand the mysterious end of their [the brothers Romet and Raul] friend, by making a movie of it.

Check out the rest of the program on the PÖFF Shorts website.