Venia Legendi 2019

Everyone is welcome to the Venia Legendi public lectures.

BFM-i maja


 Candidate  Position  Title  Date    Time  Room Lectures
Alessandro Nanì Associate Professor of Crossmedia "The many folds of participation: Audiences and the media" April 3rd  14.00-15.00 N-307 video
Artur Lugmayr Professor of Cultural Data Analytics "Visualisation of Culture and Data – Making Data Human Understandable" April 12th  12:00-14:00 N-416 video
Adam Jatowt Professor of Cultural Data Analytics "Historical Knowledge Extraction from Long-term Document Archives" April 15th  10.00-12.00 N-307 video
Anastassia Zabrodskaja Professor of Intercultural Communication "Linguistic Landscape Studies and Intercultural Communication" April 17th 12.00-13.45 N-307 video