What to Expect From Studies at Tallinn University

Salome Khurtsidze is a graduate of Educational Innovation and Leadership master's programme, who shared with us her impressions and experiences of studying at Tallinn University.

Salome at Kadrioru park

World Higher Education Database (WHED) places Tallinn University among top 5% of the best universities. One might have the questions: how does the study process go on here? How does it feel? What can the student gain from TLU? What are the possible challenges in the process? I will briefly answer these questions based on my study experience.

But first, let me introduce myself: I am Salome Khurtsidze from Georgia. I have already completed one Master’s Degree program in Education Administration back in Georgia and I have understood a lot about the educational sphere, but I felt I wanted to learn more. I guess, learning never ends. In 2019, I selected Master’s Program of Educational Innovation and Leadership (briefly, EduInno), applied online via DreamApply: I went through the 3-round admission process and I also received the scholarship by Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

I think, before studies commence, one of the most crucial actions the university can do is to organize a decent orientation week. TLU’s orientation week with its activities and communication with my study coordinator helped me a lot to understand how I could find my path in the university life. In this way, I could overcome any anxiety relating to settling down in Tallinn. Of course, you will feel very stressed due to moving in a city and once you are informed, you will be already calm as soon as studies begin. The only challenging part I can name is finding an accommodation, which might take longer than expected, but in the end, all international students manage to deal with it. 

In Haapsalu with my groupmates
In Haapsalu with my groupmates

If you are going to apply EduInno program, let me tell you which interests I managed to pursue here, at TLU: I am aware of Estonian Educational system & its structure, teacher’s profession, leadership, research, innovations, educational technology and global changes. The lecturers of EduInno program create opportunities for us and always support the students.

The changes what I noticed in my personality during studies here: 

  • I engaged more into active learning and got to know many learning strategies
  • I became more autonomous 
  • I changed into being more initiative and creative
  • I started to appreciate my awesome, multicultural groupmates
  • I developed growth mindset more
  • I progressed to be more inspired about my career
At OAAS cafe in Terra building with friends
At OAAS cafe in Terra building with friends
I would recommend any student who plans to apply for EduInno: 
  • Understand your reasons behind why you want to join EduInno and what you plan to do after that 
  • The program is intensive, so be aware that learning is not easy here but you can make it smarter 
  • Work on yourself: reflect and check out your personal traits, such as time management, sense of responsibility...
  • There are a lot of groupworks next to individual assignments, so prepare yourself for building smooth teamwork
  • Don’t be afraid of the weather. Nothing dreadful! (At least, for pluviophiles  )

There are cultural programs and events, which can help you to get to know Estonian culture, so make sure to embrace the local culture. For me, studying at TLU was a worthwhile investment and I hope it will be the same for the future students, as well!

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