100 Years of Promoting Intelligent Lifestyle

Tallinn University, as the educator of the teachers and the innovator of the education, has been promoting the intelligent lifestyle in Estonia for already 100 years. Educating teachers in Tallinn started in 1919 and although the school’s names and education’s levels have changed, the continuity has remained. Tallinn University has continued the tradition from 18th March 2005, having previously been named Tallinn Pedagogical University and Tallinn Pedagogical Institute.

Since the educational and research institutions are aligned, Tallinn University’s answerability scale has broadened – from teachers education to choreography. We have directed our resources and activities into five broad interdisciplinary focus fields: educational innovation, digital and media culture, cultural competences, healthy and sustainable lifestyle and society and open governance.

We have established the goal of being the leader and promoter of intelligent lifestyle in Estonia as we wish to achieve a better harmony with the necessities of society. Intelligent lifestyle above all means making knowledge-based decisions for the better functioning of society and its citizens.


7 January
  • Placing the corner stone of the New Buiding. Gallery and Video
10-11 January 
22 February
  • Presenting the Jubilee Postage Stamp
  • Republic of Estonia Independence Day Ceremony
18 March
27 April
  • Spring Concert dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Tallinn University Male Choir in the House of Blackheads
30 April
  • Tallinn University Symphony Orchestra’s “The Great Walpurgis Night Concert” in the University’s Ceremonial Hall
24 October
  • Educational Innovation Conference to Celebrate 100 years of Teaching the Teachers in Tallinn
  • Opening the Exhibition dedicated to the Jubilee
Autumn 2019
  • Planting the Jubilee tree in the University Campus
30 January
  • Opening the New VITA Building

Project Manager of the Jubilee Year: Evelin Värva (evelin.varva@tlu.ee)

Press contact: Sulev Oll (sulev.oll@tlu.ee

Organizers reserve the right to change the Jubilee Year events plan