University can make adjustments in courses, offering everyone equal opportunities to achieve maximum academic potential. We ask students with special needs to inform the Disability Adviser regarding their needs as soon as possible. This is necessary so the university is able to make any necessary changes in time to allow the student to fully participate in their studies. Disability Adviser will help to arrange favorable conditions participating in courses, adjusting the physical study environment and provide information about scholarships and support services.

We encourage to participate in the ExchangeAbility project MapAbility, aiming to map the accessibility of European HEIs to students with disabilities and special needs.

Tallinn University Student Union

International Club's Peer Supporters/Tutors

Accessability of Study Buildings

The Freedom of Movement - The site is dedicated for the people with limited movement ability and wheelchair users. Here you can find useful information about accessibility in Estonia.

The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People, Tallinn City`s Board of Disabled People

Health Care and Insurance



Disability Adviser | Maarja Jõgioja
Contacts: | phone 6409127 |  Book an appointment | room S-142