Psychological counselling at the Career and Counselling Centre is free of charge to all students in Tallinn University regardless of their study regime. It is also available during periods of academic leave.

The psychologist can help you gain a better understanding of your own thoughts, feelings, desires and fears. When your problem has been identified, the psychologist will then help you to set realistic goals and find solutions. Thus, psychological counselling is not about giving advice and ready solutions, but about a process of cooperation and exploration in which you yourself play an important and active part.

All personal details and the content of counselling sessions are confidential. Normally, no information will be revealed to any third party without your personal consent.

Counselling takes place in a private counselling room (S103) in the Silva building. The first appointment usually lasts 60–90 minutes and the following sessions last 60 minutes. The number of sessions depends on the nature and severity of the problem, but usually more than one session is required.

Please make an appointment beforehand:

Ivi Niinepi portree

Psychologist | Ivi Niinep - counselling in Estonian and English

Contacts: | phone 6409231 | Book an appointment | room S142

Valentina Kivi portree

Psychologist | Valentina Kivi - on maternity leave

An appointment will be made for you as soon as possible – usually within a week of your initial enquiry. The psychological counselling service in the university is not designed as an emergency service. If you are in a state of “crisis” and need help urgently, you should contact your doctor or the emergency reception at the Psychiatry Clinic (PERH Psühhiaatriakliinik, Paldiski Rd 52, phone 617 2650,