• All students of Tallinn University (TU) can participate in Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies (Erasmus+ exchange studies) given they have completed at least the first year of bachelor's studies by the time exchange studies start.
  • Student has the right to participate in the Erasmus+ Student Mobility (exchange studies and/or traineeship) up to 12 months at every study level (i.e., bachelor, master, doctoral).
  • Students of joint study programmes must be at TU at the time of applying for exchange studies.
  • Exchange studies can last between 3-12 months. Exchange studies at hosting university have to be carried out during the following period: starting the earliest on 1 July and finishing the latest on 30 September next year. They also have to take place within one academic year (i.e., not cutting the borders of two distinct academic years, e.g. mobility from January to December is not permitted). Overall, the duration of exchange studies depends on the Academic Calendar of hosting university. 
  • Every student participating in Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies must be in possession of accident and liability insurance, and needs to cover the expenses for it by him-/herself.

Related to language of instruction at host university

  • Student has to have sufficient language skills for the studies abroad. Most of the universities in Europe offer some courses in English, however the universities in Germany, Italy, Spain, France and often also the universities in Austria, Portugal and Turkey teach only in their native language
  • All students who have been accepted to participate in Erasmus+ Student Mobility for Studies, and whose exchange studies will be carried out either in Czech, Danish, German, Greek, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese or Swedish, have to take a European Commission composed online language test before the beginning and after the end of their exchange studies. The language test will arrive on student's e-mail. It is not possible to fail the test, its aim is to measure how much Erasmus+ programme enhances student's language proficiency in some certain language.

Related to studies at TU (for all students on English language programmes)

  • All outgoing students (except last semester MA students and doctoral students)  have to transfer back to Tallinn University at least 1 ECTS worth of courses/per semester (fulfilling their TU Study Programme) in order to not pay back Erasmus+ scholarship. However, please keep in mind that each academic unit of Tallinn University may have its own additional suggestions and requirements to its students regarding how many ECTS per semester they are expecting the student to earn abroad, and transfer back to Tallinn University, and very often it is higher that the 1 ECTS. Please consult with your academic unit's Erasmus Departmental Coordinator and/or with your Study Programme's administrator
  • All students enrolled to TU bachelor's or master's degree programmes taught in English (i.e. tuition-fee paying students) are exempted from paying the tuition fee to TU for the semester when they are doing their Erasmus+ exchange studies abroad, given they will not register for any of the TU courses during the same semester (incl. registering for the BA/MA thesis/final exam), as the latter automatically means the obligation to pay tuition fee.
  • NB! Tuition fee paying students of Tallinn University who have been admitted for studies in the academic year of 2018/19 or later, have to pay only 50% of their tuition fee during their semester/year abroad, given they will not register for any of the TU courses at the same time or they will not graduate on the exchange semester (yet they do have to pay for other applicable administrative costs). If their degree studies at TU extend to additional semester/year because of not managing to complete the degree studies during nominal time, they have to pay the tuition fee for each additional semester.
  • All students enrolled to TU bachelor's or master's degree programmes taught in English (i.e.tuition-fee paying students) have to carefully follow themselves that they would either have enough courses & credit points (ECTS) earned at TU before exchange studies, or that they will earn enough courses & ECTS during exchange studies, transfer these back to TU upon return, and also get them recognized as fulfilling their TU Study Programmes. The latter is necessary for avoiding the situation where due to exchange studies abroad the student does not manage to fulfill TU Study Programme during the nominal study-period (BA - 3 years; MA -2 years). If student's study-period surpasses the nominal duration, the student has to pay the tuition fee to TU for each following semester. 

Related to studies at TU (for non-EU/EEA students on English language programmes)

  • Non-EU/EEA students studying at TU with the "Estonian temporary residence permit for studying"
    Non-EU/EEA students have to carefully follow that they would always maintain full-time student's status at TUMaintaining and proving full-time student's status at TU is a must in order to have the right for Estonian residence permit. Consequently, it is important to also plan the exchange studies so that enough courses & ECTS are taken at the hosting university, that these shall be transferred back to TU upon student's return, and that these will be recognized as fulfilling student's TU Study Programme. If you are going for exchange studies and know well in advance that during this period your Estonian residence permit expires, please turn in timely manner to the Migration Advisers at the Police and Border Guard Board at
  • All students studying on TU English language programmes who take at least 15 ECTS worth of courses per semester at the hosting university, transfer these back to TU, and get these courses recognized as fulfilling their TU Study Programmes, will be granted the official extension of the nominal study-period by the number(s) of semester(s) they were abroad as an exchange student (however they need to pay the tuition fee to TU for such semester(s) as explained above). Being granted the official extension of nominal study-period (at full-time study-load) can become necessary for the non-EU/EEA students when they need to prove their eligibility for Estonian residence permit for which prerequisites are full-time studies and nominal study-period. 

Related to Erasmus+ scholarship

  • In order to not pay back Erasmus+ scholarship:
    (1) Students have to bring back to Tallinn University at least 1 ECTS worth of courses/per semester, fulfilling their TU Study Programme (except doctoral students and last semester MA student who write their master's thesis abroad)
    (2) All students have to submit all the required reporting documents at the end of exchange studies to TU Senior Specialist for International Studies.

    In case the student receives less than 1 ECTS and/or fails to submit the required reporting documents at the end of exchange studies, he/she is obliged to refund the Erasmus+ scholarship in full amount. The exception to this rule applies only in cases where student has had a convincing reason for not complying, and thus presents a written application (accompanied by relevant supporting documents) to the Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs the latest by the end of the intermediate week of the semester which follows the semester of exchange-studies abroad. The decision about the validity and soundness of the application, as well as diminishing or revoking the required scholarship refunding, will be made by the named Vice-Rector the latest within 10 calendar days after receiving the application.