Director of BFM Birgit Vilgats
Head of the Media and Communications Speciality  

Associate Professor of Media Policies
Andres Jõesaar

Head of the Film Arts Speciality   Visiting Lecturer of Film Arts
Veiko Vaatmann
Head of the Arts and Didactics Speciality Associate Professor of Design
Krista Aren

Council members


Name Title
Birgit Vilgats Director
Andres Jõesaar Associate Professor of Media Policies
Krista Aren Associate Professor of Design
Veiko Vaatmann Visiting Lecturer of Film Arts
Indrek Ibrus Professor of Media Innovation
Tarmo Rajaleid Lecturer of Editing, Technical Director
Ermo Säks Foreign member, Professor of Education Policy and Management of the School of Educational Sciences
Alessandro Nani Associate Professor of Crossmedia
Aavo Kokk Foreign member
Madli Lääne-Metsalu Lecturer of Editing
Oksana Tralla Associate Professor of Ballet
Tiina Hiob Senior Lecturer of Advertising Theory
Toomas Sääs Production Manager
Ott-Aleksander Komarov Student representative
Adelia Tamkõrv

Student representative

Uku Lember Director of School of Humanities
Tiina Õun Director of School of Educational Sciences